What to Expect at a Special Needs Summer Camp

For the nearly fifteen percent of children in the United States who have some type of disability, it can be a challenge finding something fun to do on the weekends. This is even more apparent during the summer when most care providers are stuck at work throughout the week. Fortunately, summer camps are now an option for children who have special needs and require a little bit of extra care with their daily activities. You can learn more about what to expect at one of these incredible camps with the information below.

1. Finding Friends 

One thing that kids who join summer camps can be sure of is finding new friends. Kids from all walks of life come from near and far to take part in camps where they can do things specifically made just for them. This creates a level of comfort that can’t be found in traditional summer camps. No kid is treated as the odd man out, which means everyone can be themselves, have fun, and make lifelong friends they stay in contact with.

2. A Safe Space 

There are strict requirements to create a safe space for kids with all types of disabilities. This can include special water play devices, wheelchair-friendly sports fields, and a kind and caring staff. In fact, because so many volunteer opportunities are available, these types of camps are able to draw in specially trained individuals from all backgrounds. Their understanding of how to interact and play with kids who have disabilities makes them the perfect helpers for a fun summer.

3. Enjoying Fun Activities 

When most kids who have disabilities go to traditional summer camps or even playgrounds, they are strictly limited with what they can do. To help them experience more and do more, every area is made to accommodate physical limitations. This helps make it much safer for kids to try different things so parents can relax knowing their little ones are in good hands.

4. Having Someone to Rely on 

One of the very best things for parents is the fact that kids will have one-on-one aids when they’re at summer camp. This means their needs will always be met and they will have someone they can rely on for help when they need it.

5. Medical Care for Special Needs

For children or teens who need to take medications or have any special medical situations, nurses and doctors are available at camp. Their expertise related to working with special needs kids offers them a safe environment where they can enjoy themselves.

With so many different benefits, special needs summer camps offer excellent opportunities for both children and teens who have any type of disability. What’s even better is that this can give them a break from staying indoors during the summer so they get fresh air and fun exercise.