The Top Reasons Why Professionally Organised Walking and Hiking Holidays are Sweeping Across Europe

According to an in-depth transnational study facilitated by an esteemed psychological panel, researchers found that outdoor walking trips represent an incredible form of remedial, mentally liberating therapy.

During a four-month study of more than 200 males and females diagnosed with clinical depression, 55% of the test subjects who went on three open-air walks or hikes per week no longer displayed the medical criteria and norms for depression. By contrast, the other half of the study found that only 47% of people that ingested antidepressant prescriptions were able to achieve the same mental reprieve, which epitomises the importance of walking in terms of our spiritual and psychosomatic wellness.

However, apart from the clear and evident health benefits linked with walking outdoors, there are several other dynamics that have led UK holidaymakers to make the shift from hotels and city vacations to guided walking voyages and nature-centric day trips.

Detailed Itineraries to Account for Anyone’s Physical Capabilities

No matter your age, background, or endurance level, you’ll have a chance to select from four distinctive difficulty levels:

  • Level One: Consisting of relatively short treks that range between three and four hours per day, level one programmes feature leisurely topographies and well-maintained trails that allow you to drink in the scenery.
  • Level Two: Also intended for novice walking fans, these itineraries involve roughly five hours of walking each day, but you’ll also come across some more challenging passageways that take you off the beaten path.
  • Level Three: This specific difficulty level encompasses backpacking, light climbing, and varied altitudes depending on your specific course, perfect for exploration aficionados.
  • Level Four: With eight hours of daily trekking through off-road ranges and altitudes that reach up to 1,200 metres, level four hikes are for individuals that are ready to be tested to the fullest extent of what Mother Nature can offer.

Furthermore, you can deliberate with your travel unit to identify whether a professionally guided tour or self-guided trip is the most appropriate option.

Walking Holiday Organisers Provide Course-Specific Lodging Arrangements

Whether you wish to participate in relaxing walking tours in Spain or high-octane hiking trips in the United Kingdom, you should click the link to visit the website of an organiser to begin coordinating your holiday with an inventive yet considerate travel specialist.

Each tour comes with up to a full week of convenient accommodations for your travel group, evening dinner arrangements, and delicious daily breakfasts to help you start the next leg of your adventure on the right foot.

You’ll Get Much More Than Just a Map

Well-established holiday organisers will also bestow a wide range of necessities and value-added services to streamline your escapade:

  • Ample information records and destination pamphlets
  • Luggage and baggage handovers
  • Situational conveyance from location to location
  • Cost-conscious travel protection for you and your cohorts
  • GPS tracking data
  • Round-the-clock support from your liaison

Nothing comes close to the fun and excitement that comes with a meticulously planned walking tour, so be sure to give this unique holiday alternative some serious thought for your next stretch of time off.