Smart Tips for Family Holiday Plans

As the time for family holiday vacation planning gets closer, are you beginning to panic? If you feel that you have put off planning for that family holiday and now face some difficult decisions, we can help. Like many, you are probably trying to find a way to have the entire family enjoy their time together without breaking the bank. Stay tuned, because we have some suggestions that just may save those holiday plans and help you all enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Skip the Hotels

I am always astounded how many families choose to spend the majority of their holiday money on hotels. Even if you plan to spend a bit of time in your hotels, they are seldom worth the money spent. You can go online and find less expensive accommodations that often include other ways to economize on your trip. One of the best I have seen are the Danish Copenhagen hotel apartments that are offered in the city. They combine the best of both worlds.

Laid out like an apartment, offering full kitchens and a central living room where the family can gather, they can create a haven for a family. With the big city of Copenhagen beckoning just outside your front step, your entire family can relax after a day of sightseeing. It has enough bedrooms to accommodate the largest families and the coziness of family eating. For an urban adventure they just can’t be beat.

Explore on Bike

While renting a car can be expensive, renting a bike is cheap and can add so much to any holiday adventure. In some counties such as Holland, it makes so much sense as the entire country is designed to accommodate bikes. Criss-crossed with a network of bike trails between towns that run on top of their famous dikes, you can explore the countryside. Best of all you are never far from the nearest town for a meal or to book a room at a local inn. The experience of a family riding through farms fields and discovering a countryside together can be one your kids may keep for a lifetime.

Camping Still Popular

If the big city isn’t your families idea of a great holiday, you can camp. These days camping doesn’t just mean putting up a tent. If you would prefer, you can rent a trailer or an RV and camp in a bit of style. This gives you the best of both worlds, for you will have the convenience of a little kitchen for cooking, real beds to sleep in but the great wilderness to explore and just outside your front door.

Today’s camping adventures can also include some luxuries you might find unexpected. Some of the larger commercial campsites in North America have been known to include everything from lounges with a full bar to swimming pools the whole family can enjoy. It really does depend on what kind of camping adventure you want to have. On the other hand, small rural campsites along California’s famed Pacific Coast Highway have walk-in campsites that are very private. Best of all you can take your morning coffee and walk along the trail to watch the seals play in the morning surf.

So, from camping in the rough to exploring one of Denmark’s most exciting cities, there are multitudes of options when it comes to that next family holiday outing. The trick may be in just choosing one.

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