No Need for a Taxi or Tour Bus: Top Sightseeing Strategies

When it comes to a memorable city break you may envision sitting on the top deck of a tour bus to see the local sights. But increasingly, people are exploring the art of urban hiking.

The word “hiking” often conjures up thoughts of trekking across mountainous landscapes, looking out on green pastures, while sightseeing evokes images of hailing taxis to get from location to location. However, for those who enjoy hiking and want to explore a new city, urban hiking is the way to go.

It allows you to turn the sidewalk of a city into a breathtaking trail, offering you the chance to see a city in an exhilarating new way. And the best bit? You’re getting some exercise while you’re at it too!

So, the next time you go off sightseeing, here are our top tips for urban hiking:

Make Sure You’ve Got the Right Gear

Walking along pavements can be much harder on your feet than hiking along dirt tracks, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right shoes and socks for your trip. Sturdy shoes with plenty of cushioning are ideal, as are robust socks that are made for walking/running and are designed not to give you blisters. Equally, if you’re intending to spend quite a long time walking, you might want to take a spare pair of socks with you. As dirt and sweat can build up as you walk, it creates more friction which is why you get blisters.

Be Savvy with Your Packing

When you’re walking around a city it’s pretty easy to buy snacks and water, but it’s worth taking a few previsions along with you. You might even find it beneficial to put a paper map in your rucksack, just in case you lose GPS on your cell phone. There’s no need to pack your compass, though, because cities tend to be much easier to navigate compared to rural areas thanks to plenty of signposts that help you find your way.

Find Places to Stop Over

You don’t have to have an overnight stay when you’re going on an urban hike, but if you’re heading out for a couple of days it’s important to plan ahead with your stopover points. City hotels like the Marriott Hotel 15 are perfect, or you could get in touch with friends and family who may be able to give you a spare bed for the night.

Don’t Retrace Your Steps

Finally, there’s just one last rule you need to remember when you’re hiking in urban areas – don’t walk the same street twice! Every step should see you exploring somewhere new, just like if you’re hiking in the countryside. Granted, this may mean you need to take some roundabout loops but this will still ensure you’re seeing something new at all times.

Overall; urban hiking is just as, if not more, exhilarating as donning your hiking boots in the open countryside. With a planned route and the potential for new adventures around every corner, this is the perfect way to create memorable experiences and explore new cities.