Looking for a New Travel Destination? Norfolk Island Might Be the Answer

If you’re tired of big city life and want a little peace and quiet, or you’re just looking for a new place to holiday, Norfolk Island might be the place for you. It’s a small island just below New Caledonia, right above New Zealand, to the east of Sydney. It’s a place with beautiful beaches, great food, and plenty of culture and activities to keep you entertained for days.

But before you hop on a boat or a plane, make sure you’ve booked proper lodging for yourself. Don’t just settle for any old hotel, though. Consider booking a room at a fabulous resort with beautiful views and fabulous amenities. If you’re looking for the best of Norfolk and the perfect place to rest your head, check out https://www.governorslodgeresort.com/ before heading off to the island.

What’s There to Do on Norfolk Island?

If you’re not the type of person to lounge away the day at the beach, you might be wondering what else there is to do on the island. Don’t worry though, there’s plenty to do, enough to keep any foodie or any adventurer occupied.

If you’re looking for culture, the island has multiple museums and archaeological sites. You can check out the island fish fry for a bite of culture, or attend one of the many historical re-enactments to see what life was like back in the day. There’s even a famous convicts’ cemetery and the ruins of the World Heritage Kingston to meander about in.

Though Norfolk Island is only 35 square kilometres in size, a large portion of the island is a nature reserve. Any adventurer will have a wonderful time hiking through the lush greenery, swimming through blue lagoons, tanning on the beach, and enjoying the exotic wildlife. Foodies will be equally delighted with all of the fresh, locally-sourced food on the island. Restaurants offer everything from shockingly fresh meats and cheeses to locally grown coffee and produce.

If you’re not the type to go in blindly, the island has plenty of tours, activities, and events throughout the year. You can go boating, fishing, or kayaking, book a cheese tour or attend a fish fest, enjoy the spring ukulele festival, or even hit up one of the many golf tournaments on the island. No matter what your interest or age, there is something for everyone on Norfolk Island.

If There’s So Much to Do, Why Stay at a Resort?

Since the island is so small, some of the resorts are actually centrally located to keep you close to the action. And many of the finest bars and restaurants on the island can be found safely housed in a resort. It’s not only an affordable option, but you’ll also have the privacy to relax in a detached unit all to yourself, so you can sit out on your own personal deck and enjoy the island sunset in peace.

You’ll have access to various other amenities not available at other locations as well. Resorts typically have multiple pool options, a dedicated spa area that’s guaranteed to pamper you, and a staff ready to provide excellent customer service. So, book now, and enjoy island life for yourself.