You might be following a strict diet but the minute you are far from your home and normal daily routine, you can find yourself going against the diet rules. You can undo months of progress in terms of weight management and healthy living because of all the delicious temptations you find in the hotel you are staying at. This usually happens when you travel because your guard is down, and you are more inclined to indulge more than you should. However, indulging even in the slightest bit can help you pack on a lot of weight, which might prove difficult to lose once you are back home.

If you travel a lot and stay in hotels throughout your travels, you need to know how to eat right in order to stay on your diet course and achieve your health goals. Even if you only occasionally stay at hotels, you still need to know how to eat right while in the establishment. The following tips will help you achieve just that. You should use them in order to ensure that you return home with the same weight you left with.

  1. Choose hotels with healthy offerings

Before booking a room in a certain hotel, be sure to check its menus, which can usually be found on the company website. See whether the hotel provides meals that align with your diet and health goals. In addition, check the company website to determine if the hotel has banned the use of trans fats in its meals. Most hotels including Labuan Bajo Hotel have banned these fats in a bid to offer healthier food to their clientele. Be sure to book a hotel that serves healthy meals throughout the day and night.

  1. Carry your own Crockpot

If you want to be in complete control of what you eat while at the hotel, then carrying your own Crockpot will be of great benefit to you. You can cook your own healthy meals such as chicken and steamed vegetables if you feel like the food served by the hotel is not as nutritious as you would like. The crockpots come in different sizes, which means it is quite easy to find one small enough to travel with that is also adequately sized for you to cook with while in your hotel room.

  1. Book a room with special food amenities

Inquire from the staff while booking a room, if you can get one that has a refrigerator and a microwave. Most quality hotels will be able to provide these amenities but at an additional fee. Having a refrigerator and a microwave will enable you to make and store some of your own nutritious foods including frozen healthy meals, steamed vegetables, and healthy breakfast options such as oatmeal.

In the end, the additional cost will be offset by the money saved while making and storing your preferred meals.

  1. Stock up on healthy snacks

It is imperative that you stock up on healthy snacks in your hotel room. These snacks will not only add nutrients to your body, they will help you resist the urge of ordering unhealthy food items through room service.

The healthy snacks that should be on your list include dried fruit and nuts, fresh fruit, and whole wheat crackers amongst others. Snacking on such food items will help you remain disciplined throughout your stay at the hotel.

  1. Communicate clearly when ordering

When you are ordering room service, it is imperative that you be as clear and specific as possible about the type of food you want to be served. For instance, when ordering for eggs, specify that you want the egg whites rather than the whole egg. The same applies to toast; order for the whole wheat toast rather than leaving it to the staff to decide what type of toast to bring you.

Following these few tips will help you greatly when it comes to eating healthy while staying in a hotel.