Awesome Low-Budget Travel Destinations in India

Travelling can get quite expensive and for the body with the ever-growing wanderlust within them, it gets hard to do cause of all the monumental expenses that usually comes with travelling to great destinations. But worry not, we’re here to tell you that there is another way you could satisfy the explorer within you and these awesome but surprisingly cheap travel destinations in India do exactly that! Also, if you are looking for cheap and quality bikes to rent out, do check out, as they offer amazing bikes for any rider! So let’s get to the list now!


Located in North India, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala is shrouded by amazing scenery and gigantically beautiful mountains everywhere you look. Visit the place that The Dalai Llama himself abides in. In Dharamshala, there is a place called McLeod Ganj and is one of the famous places to check out in the area for its awesome scenery, great and cheap places to stay and amazing food,  You can take bike on rent in Dharamshala to visit McLeod Ganj . so make sure you do when you visit there!


The Holy Land of Varanasi proves to be a delight for travellers that are looking to spend less yet have a life changing experience. The Ghats prove to be a great place to check out and witness the city of Varanasi in all its spiritual glory. As for lodging and hotels, there are numerous options to choose from that would hardly cost a dent, so do make sure you check this place out if you feel the need to travel but on a budget.


A really cool place whether you’re on a budget or not, doesn’t matter, you have to check out Pondicherry for its crazy cool French influences, beaches and astounding beauty of the place, and all this won’t cost you much also! The best time that is considered to check out Pondicherry is during winters, i.e. between November to February. Definitely give this place a holla!


The ancient city of Hampi provides excellent and well- built monuments, palaces and temples that will leave you in awe. Not being too heavy on your pocket also, Hampi makes for a great vacation to sight-see and learn about history the fun way. Give it a shot, it is one hundred percent worth your time!


The city of the Golden Temple is a great place to visit for all kinds of people;people looking for great cuisines or just the average sightseer. And the best part of it? It doesn’t even cost you all that much to have fun in Amritsar with cheap and good lodgings and even cheaper and better food. To top it all, one could easily rent a self drive bike in Amritsar like Royal Enfield, Baja, Honda etc without any hassle. So start planning your next trip and get out there!