A trip to Bhutan

Bhutan also known as the “Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon” and it is located in the Himalayan Mountains. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit because you can see the snow as well as the greenery. It was a mysterious place as tourists were not permitted to visit it for quite a long time. But, this fact has changed and you can access this paradise though they may have some rules.

The least money that you can spend on Bhutan travel is 200 dollars for an adult. This price is not per tour but per day per person. This tour is held during the low season months such as June to August and December to February. If you wish to travel during the high seasons including September, October and March-May, you have to spend $250 on your Bhutan travel cost. You can avail decent services if you pay these prices. If you want a hotel with more stars or you want more luxurious prices then your tour cost can be somewhat between $250-1500 above the $250 daily tariff.

The subsequent increase in prices

The cost of traveling to Bhutan also depends on the number of tourists. If you visit alone, you have to pay an additional $40 and when two people travel you have to pay $30 per person. Children who are under 5 years of age shall not have to pay any fee apart from $40 (visa fee). If a child is aged between 5-12 years of age, he shall get a 50 percent discount. The same thing is applicable to students who are below 25 years of age; they receive a 25% discount. Discounts are applicable for large groups too. In a group consisting of 11 people, one person shall receive a discount of 50 percent while a group comprising of 16 people, one person shall receive a discount of 100 percent.

Why this cost?

The tour cost to Bhutan is very high. Many people complain about high costs. However, people who visit this country do not feel the same way. This country has a particular tourism policy. Bhutan wants these costs to contribute in a more beautiful, healthier, and friendlier manner. It wants the tourists and locals to enjoy the way Bhutan works and looks. The money received from the tourists shall be used to develop health, education, culture, poverty alleviation and to improve infrastructure.