5 Fun-Filled Activities for a Family Trip to Newquay

As one of the more popular tourist destinations in Cornwall there are certainly lots of things to do in and around Newquay. If you’re heading over there on a family vacation, you’ll be happy to know that includes many different fun-filled activities that are bound to excite your kids and ensure they have an amazing time.

Out of the many activities that are perfect for family trips in Newquay, there are a few in particular that you should definitely think about including in your itinerary:

  • Pirate Quest

Located in the historic old Newquay Theatre, Pirate Quest is an immersive walk-through experience that will lead you on a pirate-themed adventure. It lasts about an hour, and you’ll visit mystical caves, old pirate taverns, and of course a full-fledged pirate ship. Along the way there’ll be real-life pirates that guide you while spinning tales about the history and legends of the area.

  • Newquay Zoo

Enjoy a fun yet educational experience as your family gets up close with thousands of different animals hailing from the African savannahs to the rainforests of South America. As your kids discover new animals and observe them, the guides will help to provide information especially at the various talks and feeding sessions that are held throughout the day.

  • Blue Reef Aquarium

Explore the underwater wildlife that lives just below the surface of Newquay’s waters as well as other exotic locations. With over 40 different displays, you can expect to see reef sharks, loggerhead turtles, giant octopus, lobsters, crabs, and tons of other reef life. For kids it is the chance to see a very different view of the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it, while learning a bit about them too.

  • Lappa Valley Steam Railway

In the nearby Lappa Valley that is not too far from Newquay you’ll find a unique real-life steam engine experience that will take you into a leisure park with lots of other fun activities. With three different tracks to explore your kids will love riding on the trains, and the crazy golf, canoeing, and other play areas are bound to keep them occupied throughout the day.

  • Dairyland Farm World

Although a bit further afield the Dairyland Farm World is a trip worth making, as it will give your family the chance to experience farm life. Not only will your kids be able to meet a wide range of farm animals, but they’ll also get to participate in fun activities like tractor rides, cow milking, pony rides, and bottle feeding young animals. If your family lives in a city it is bound to be a refreshing experience with no shortage of fun things to do.

That should give you an idea of some of the things to do in Newquay when you head over there on a family vacation. Make no mistake there are lots of other activities in and around the town as well, and it is bound to be a trip that both you and your kids enjoy immensely.