5 Factors to Consider When Camping in Cornwall

When you’re in Cornwall you’ll find that there are tons of campsites scattered across the area – making a camping trip really very convenient. In fact there are so many campsites that you’re bound to be spoilt for choice, which is why you should carefully consider your options.

To choose a good campsite in Cornwall, there are several factors in particular that you may want to keep in mind:

  • Location

If you intend to spend all your time at the campsite then this isn’t too important – but if you would like to visit some of the nearby sights and attractions then you should choose a location accordingly. Assuming the places you intend to visit are all in a certain area then staying in a campsite nearby could significantly cut down on the travel time, allowing you to visit more places and spend more time there.

  • Public transportation

Assuming you have your own transportation then you may want to drive to most places, but if not access to public transportation is important. If you pick a campsite that is near a bus stop or within walking distance of one you can cut on costs, and in some cases it may be more convenient than driving and parking in certain places as well.

  • Amenities and facilities

Generally campsites in Cornwall have a lot of different amenities and facilities, but some that you’ll want to look out for include access to power, water, food, showers, and so on. Additionally certain campsites may have their own private fishing ponds or parks and trails that may be appealing – depending on how you intend to spend your time. It is best to go over the amenities in various campsites around the area that you intend to stay, and choose one that has the best selection based on your preferences.

  • Camping gear

Rather than lugging your own camping gear all the way to Cornwall, some campsites will allow you to rent what you need – including tents, sleeping bags, and anything else. Needless to say this can be very convenient, especially if you don’t own your own tent or other camping gear and would like to go on a trip without incurring too much additional cost.

  • Rules and restrictions

Last but not least you should check any rules and restrictions that may be imposed by the campsite. In particular you may want to check whether pets are allowed, cooking fires, and whether there are any restrictions on certain types of tents or campervans.

If you take into account all these factors when planning your camping holiday in Cornwall, you should be able to choose a campsite that is perfect for your needs. After that you can focus on the rest of the preparation, and may also want to check the weather forecast to find out what the conditions are going to be like. All in all camping in Cornwall can be a great experience, and choosing the right campsite will go a long way to making it all the more enjoyable.