Traveling With Your Dog – Buy These Things In Advance

Most pet owners love the idea of traveling with dogs. After all, dogs are curious and know the ways of having fun. However, pet travel is not always easy. Your dog, no matter how well-behaved and trained, may act weird while traveling. If you are traveling in a car, things can be pretty easy, but that’s not the case with flight and train journeys. As a pet owner, you have to take the right steps and ensure that the dog is safe, secure and happy during the entire trip. In this post, we have enlisted a few things that you must buy before you plan the vacation with your pooch.

A good crate

Regardless of the size, your dog needs a crate for flight and train travel. Before you buy one, you might want to check the airline requirements, which are pretty standard for most commercial airlines. Do not buy a crate that’s too big for the dog, because it may start using the extra space for relieving itself. In the same way, you wouldn’t want to cramp the animal either in a smaller sized crate. Make sure that you measure the dog and compare the sizes.

Food supplies                                                                                          

If you are traveling by car, you don’t need to worry about dog food. You can stop the car as and when needed to feed the pet. However, with train and plane travel, you need to get a mix of wet and dry food. You cannot store wet food for long, so go for the small pouches that have a single serving. The next option is to get some dry food, which is easy to carry. Keep in mind that the pet can manage well with just one meal every few hours, so you don’t need to feed too much. However, do make sure that the dog is well hydrated, especially before he gets shipped in the cargo.

A perfect harness

For traveling, you need to replace the dog collar with a harness. A good harness would be study and strong and would offer enough control on the animal. For big breeds, you need a large dog harness, which is strong and distributes the pressure and force of the leash evenly. You can compare the different options on many known websites, and online dealers often have some good offers and discounts over their physical store counterparts.

Get the essentials and start packing right now!