Save Money on Your Next Business Trip

When you’re a small business owner travelling across the country (or even globe) is just part of the job! For many entrepreneurs who end up having to spend their very limited funds to make an important business trip, finding a free plane ticket or a great deal on a discounted rental car can often times mean the difference between life and death. Metaphorically speaking of course! Chances are your business operates mostly on sales which at the end of the day is a people business. Meeting people and visiting with them can make or break a deal, making travel a vital part of your job. Below are some ways that small business owners and all kinds of entrepreneurs can travel for business on a budget.

Cashing in on frequent flier miles is a great way to start the savings ball rolling! Stay away from purchasing luxury items like first class seats. However tempting this may be you don’t need them to conduct business, it’s best to keep things simple, affordable, and easy. Asking your employees to take a train, drive their own cars, or take advantage of other cheap modes of transportation is also a great way to cut down on travel costs. Cutting costs before you hit the road is never a bad idea either and a great way to do that is to shop with Deluxe For Business. They offer amazing deals on high quality business checks. These checks include reorder business checks, high security business checks, laser business checks, manual business checks, and so much more!

Here’s a great way to save on business travel that you’ve probably never thought of — start a travel blog! I know what you’re thinking, “How will that help?” Here’s what you do. Send travel requests to resorts and airlines, let them know that you’re planning a trip and you wanted to know what the media rate is and/or would like to be comped. This a great way to get the best possible deals.

Another tip for saving money while business travelling is to take advantage of overseas pricing differences. Remember that airlines sell different tickets for different prices in different countries, even for the same route.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re planning your next business trip and you’re bound to see some money saving results.