Make a Difference – Volunteer in Ghana

Do you want to make a difference? Do you want make a mark in this world? If you are quite tired with your life now like it seems that you have no meaning and is just earning money, you can do Volunteer Work Overseas. That is right and in fact, you can even volunteer in Ghana teach English. You might want to ask why you need to teach English in Ghana when the national language of this country is also English, but the thing is, aside from that fact, there are still many tongues used by the citizens of Ghana.

That is right and there are still so many kids and even teens who can’t express well to others because they can’t speak English in the first place. They are the ones you should help if you become a volunteer teacher in Ghana.

You might want to know what motivates others to volunteer as English teacher overseas:

  • This is your chance to make a tangible difference in schools that are underprivileged in Ghana. There are a number of them out there and though, they also have qualified teachers of their own, still they are not enough to educate effectively those who are in need of their services. You can assist these qualified teachers. You don’t need to have diplomas or certifications to be a volunteer English teacher in Ghana. As long as you are familiar with the subject, that should be enough as you will be supervised by their qualified teacher anyway.

  • You might just be there for a limited time but still, your impact will remain even when you are already gone. The education you imparted will never be gone and will be nourished instead so that they will be of better use.
  • This is also your chance to enrich yourself at the same time. A lot of would-be preschool teachers are volunteering working with kids. This way, they have better chance of becoming more effective when they start their real work. At the same time, this is also a big factor in their resume as seeing that they already have experiences in dealing with toddlers or kids for that matter. In this competitive world, you surely need all the help you can get. So while you help these underprivileged kids, you are also helping yourself at the same time.

As mentioned above, you will be supervised by qualified teachers. These teachers can also be your mentor at the same time. You can ask questions from them so that when you get back to your own world, you are now more empowered to become a real and qualified preschool teacher.

So, inquire now how to become a volunteer English teacher in Ghana. Don’t let this chance pass you by as this is a once in a lifetime chance. While you have made a mark and gain self-confidence at the same time, you are also enriching your resume. This is indeed something to look forward to.